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Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

PSEG designed and constructed New Jersey’s energy grid to last – and it shows. Our electric and gas infrastructure are the foundation for one of the most reliable, resilient utilities in the nation. Even as our company evolves, we must continue to invest in infrastructure to ensure that the state’s energy network remains effective.

PSEG’s modernization programs include:

And we’re able to perform this important infrastructure work while keeping customer bills affordable. Today’s customer bills are 30 percent lower than they were in 2008 – and will remain low even as we work to keep PSE&G among the nation’s leaders in reliability and customer satisfaction.

We estimate that modernizing our infrastructure will add nearly $30 billion into the New Jersey economy by 2020, supporting thousands of jobs to build and operate new facilities, as well as additional jobs that will result from the enhanced economic activity. The end result will be a stronger New Jersey economy, and a more reliable, resilient and cleaner energy grid.

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